Be part of Prism

It’s a complicated world. And, it seems to get just a little bit more complicated every day. Our mission is to cut through this complexity – for our clients, and our people. As a professional services firm, we have got a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. To cut through the complexity of our world, we want you to join us in that challenge.

We offer opportunities at every career stage. Whether you come to Prism as a graduate or an experienced hire, you will find a rich culture that is naturally curious and always stimulating.

Your own personal development

We believe there is more than one unique way to develop your career.


Working on different business cases, experiencing different operation challenges, working with different clients with different functions, managing teams: all these experiences are very informative and make you make progress.


Acquiring new knowledge through staff training and practicing your skills while working


Interacting with our associates, professionals, with different levels and learning from their advice and experience is also going to contribute to your development. You may also experiment the need of a coaching, to help you analyze the best options and reframe your goals and abilities.

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